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About me


Hi, I´m Eva,

an Information Architect and UX Engineer in and around Munich. Over the last 10 years, satisfying user experience and digital product development became my profession, design for humans my passion. 

As a B.A. of Engineering of Audiovisual Media (Media Technician), more than 10 years ago I started with simple concepts for interactive installations and online projects, worked my way through complex information architectures and technical specifications for DEV, Design and interactions in different companies. I learned to calculate projects and budget in time.

Today, I apply Design Thinking methods, follow the Interaction Design Process, scribble ideas and drafts, do 1:1 user interviews, content audits, workshops, user journeys, personas and service blueprints, flowcharting my way to fulfil user needs, guiding through complex topics, setting up structures and information, building navigation systems, wireframes, prototypes with paper, Axure, Sketch, Invision.
Since 2020 I´m offering my services as a SCRUM Master to teams, too.

I work in agile and non-agile, local and remote teams, achieving team goals or working independently, exploring and implementing the idea of a holacratic company, exploring the world of "new work", the transformation of organizations, and I´m interested in future topics.


I´m a fan of life long learning. Therefore I´m a member of the International design foundation and the German UPA.

 Let´s get in touch:

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