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Eva Klopp

Information Architecture

UX Engineering



I´m Eva, Information Architect and UX Expert. 
Over the last 10 years, satisfying user experience and digital product development became my profession, design for humans my passion. 
I´m currently looking for new challenges in the fields of UX research, accessibility and teaching. If you have something interesting for me or you need help with tidying up a complex project or user experience,
just reach out, let´s do something outstanding! 

Thank you for your message. Yeah! I´m excited!

That´s the way I work 


  • Understand the business

  • Understand the brand

  • Understand the user

  • Set the goals


  • ​define the user experience

  • genereate ideas

  • define actions


  • structure the tasks, MVP

  • set up (agile) product development

  • design screen based interactions

  • design interactions for non virtual experience

  • Prototyping and testing


  • Interaction guidelines

  • support the production team

  • aim for quality

  • Launch project

  • Debriefing and learning

  • support roll out and distribution

  • Advancement

  • Iterate over it



​I´m looking for... 

  • complexity, accessibility, Gameful Design, Behavioral Design, Collaborative UX & IA, Human computer interaction, motivational psychology

  • Robotics and AI

  • short & long-time projects in and around Munich

  • Digital and non digital product development

  • Becoming a mentor/teacher for IA/UX-newbies

  • Work with an UX-lab 

  • Projects which really help or enable users in their autonomy

  • Team spirit, local or remote


You got something interesting for me?
Get in touch:

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